Managing Time

What keeps you motivated?

The key to motivation is finding work that leverages your independence, your talent and aligns to a greater purpose that you are passionate about. August 1, LinkedIn Groups

What do you do to eliminate time-wasters?

To eliminate time-wasters completely would be impossible. We need time to take an occasional mental break in order to keep our focus. For example, when writing, if you look at something you’ve written for too long, you begin to not see the words at all. It takes having a break from the activity and coming back with fresh eyes. Only then can you begin to see the words on the page again.

Tony Schwartz, from The Energy Project, has been promoting a 90 minute cycle of work with a forced break or change in activity after that point. That method follows our natural attention span for a single activity to bring optimal productivity. To work much longer than that on the same thing, you’ll be dragging and less effective.

As for time-wasters such as emails, calls, interruptions, a person needs to protect their time and select when these things can and should interrupt them. It may mean physically working in another location such as a conference room when you need to be heads-down, or taking an hour at the start of the morning to get started on priority items first. This makes sure you get complete the important, not urgent work. An emergency in the inbox can wait another hour, or else you would have been phoned. Posted on LinkedIn Answers, July 31


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