Managing Job Search

Give me some proper and pragmatic excuses for my boss when I go to interview in another company without her Knowing?

Why not tell the truth?

Can you see any benefits to keeping this from your boss? See if there is any middle-ground to make a stand for what you want (perhaps this new job, working conditions, etc.) and also leave this company on good terms. Posted on Quora Sep 28. Follow Jessica Manca on Quora

Is it okay to mention my failed startup on my resume?

Yes! Failures are perfect stories for lessons learned. Find the silver lining from hardships you may have experienced and let that be part of your exciting, self-directed narrative through your unique career journey. You’re human and making an attempt at starting something on your own shows your self-reliance and determination, even if it didn’t turn out quite as you had planned.

What is a good way to represent a job that you left after 3 months on a resume?

Great news for you – resumes don’t have to be so chronological A-B. Building a more narrative-based resume will save you the headache of displaying short-term experience. You may also hear the term “functional resume” which is showing your skill sets and experiences in a grouped way according to your functional expertise.

A resume should reflect the truth as well, so be prepared to answer those tough questions easily and with grace. You’ll need to uncover the positive and the lessons learned from your short-lived jobs. (See related A Stronger Way to Describe Your Work Experience). Be confident of being in the driver’s seat of your career from this point on.


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