The idea behind Managing Mindspaces comes from my personal story of burnout and my subsequent leave from the corporate world a few years ago. What if we were more self-aware, more able to see our truth, able to give ourselves permission to say what we really want? How would this better support our passion, sense of fulfillment and happiness?

I’m Jessica Manca and my mission is to inspire your inner light. I’m passionate about helping others make informed life-changing decisions. I’m committed to writing, sharing and coaching others through these issues when they’re ready to face truth. I started Managing Mindspaces, a personal career, corporate and lifestyle coaching practice, to help others live the life they want now.


Managing Mindspaces provides personal coaching services in combination with do-it-yourself tools, tips and resources that deliver the self-management strategies you need. You’ll find the best solution within you and create lasting change.


We help individuals ranging from managers to top leadership with overcoming the career crossroads they face. This blog inspires and provides ideas on:

  • Making life-changing career decisions
  • Finding happiness, clarity and your greater purpose
  • Understanding how to live authenticity
  • Navigating the conflict of a well-paying job that leaves you wanting fulfillment and passion
  • Do-it-yourself exercises to empower you to integrate these ideas into your life


Mindspace equals brain power. It’s all the potential within you, your energy, your passion and your focus.

If you find value in the content provided, or have a suggestion on information you’d like to see, please submit your comments below. Jessica will get in touch with you personally within 24 hours.

Note: We respect your privacy. This form does not subscribe you to any further communications, nor is your information shared with 3rd parties.


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