What To Ask When You Deserve To Be Happy in Your Career

When I take a look back at the inspiring professionals, high performers and go-getters that I am so fortunate to work with who are seeking more from their career, I can’t help but think how ironic it is that these same individuals (myself included circa 2011) struggle with being fulfilled in their career.

It’s a personal response to answer the question, “What’s your why?” not a corporate one.

What makes top talent reach career success is a combination of the value they provide, authentic leadership, desired skill sets plus a slew of other intangibles. Above all, these capable folks have an understanding of the corporate landscape they work in. Some call it “understanding the game.”

What makes personal fulfillment in addition to career success so perplexing is that the personal “game” doesn’t have rules. Making a difference in the world, knowing this is what you’re meant to do or being in flow is intrinsic. It’s a personal response to answer the question, “What’s your why?” not a corporate one.

So if you’re reading this, and you’ve lost direction, dread going to work each day and are overwhelmed that you’re wasting valuable time in your career to make a difference, let’s change that.

If you’re ready to end each day with a huge belly of personal satisfaction, I challenge you to ask this question:

What must I allow to become fulfilled?


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Originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse.

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