Five Sure-Fire Ways To Change Your Perspective

In my previous post, “What is Self-Discovery and Why It’s 10x Better Than Advice,” I shared why other people’s advice doesn’t always land when you’re looking for solutions that work best for you.

What myself and countless others have discovered is that true learning comes from self-discovery, or the practice of understanding through raising one’s self-awareness.

The #1 result of self-discovery and the reflective thinking it requires is the ability to raise self-awareness and change long-held perspectives into something more useful rather than the rusty perspective of “feeling stuck.”

Changing perspective shatters the glass walls of what we think we see verses what’s really there.

You may be stuck in a career that’s not fulfilling, not see the best way to move a situation forward or feel overwhelmed that everyone else has a good life, while you remain stuck. Changing perspective shatters the glass walls of what we think we see verses what’s really there.

Here’s five tips for how to change your perspective from the self-discovery results of real-life coaching clients.

*Actual names have been changed.

1. Slow down the movie playing before you

Consider your situation like a movie playing on your DVR. That’s what Mike* did to change his perspective. Watching himself in the movie helped him to slow down, pause the action. He saw things frame-by-frame instead of as a whole with him being swallowed in the sequence of action and drama. He was able to recognize where he could make different choices, rather than play victim within the movie itself. The strategy surprised him that at any time in life, he can take a step back, look at where he’s at and where he wants to go.

How can you pause the action and really observe what’s happening right now?

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