76 Entrepreneurs Share Their Business Frustrations and Tips

Starting and running a business can challenge even the most organized individual. Practically every day you’re faced with challenges, decisions to be made, and opportunities to be vetted while your list of brilliant business ideas remains in a notebook.

If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, relax because you’re not alone. Just to prove it, 76 entrepreneurs (myself included) shared publicly what our biggest business frustrations are, and how we step up to the challenge.

Here’s mine:

A challenge I face each week is seeing my entire workload across the calendar, the correspondence, the service delivery, the priorities and the creative content tasks to avoid over-committing. I feel as a business owner, it’s a constant gatekeeping process to keep only the essential work on your plate and allow your time (and energy) to be buoyant enough to accomplish it.

What’s the #1 biggest business challenge you face?

For the other 75 responses, Continue Reading at CarolRoth.com.

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