Time to Change Jobs? Here’s the Un-Scary Way to Do It

Have you already said today, “I hate my job”?

C’mon, things can’t be that bad can they? Are you having a bad day, or is the writing appearing on the wall? Let’s make this article short so you can get back to searching for jobs on the side.

There are many reasons to leave a job such as a bad manager, poor job fit, co-workers not dedicated to quality, unsatisfactory pay and benefits, and a lack of connection to a broader purpose, according to Gallup research. It’s certainly no fun dragging yourself to work each day when you’d rather stay in bed or clean the toilet.

Here’s a few signs that you might be feeling:

  • You’re bored, and suddenly lost motivation
  • You’re going through the motions
  • You’re procrastinating (and this wasn’t a problem before)
  • Your energy is ‘zapped’ by the end of your day
  • You’re taking steps to cope (such as drinking more often)
  • You always have a plan for your career & suddenly feel lost and like you’re wasting time
  • You can’t escape thinking about work – in the shower, at night, in your dreams
  • You begin having fantasies about other careers, things that excite you no matter how unrealistic

“Changing jobs isn’t scary when you consider the consequence of staying stuck and unmotivated.”

Here’s the rub. You still need to find a way to get yourself unstuck and motivated for the new job! Many people who make knee-jerk resignations start to question if this same thing will just happen again elsewhere.

Here’s how you can prepare for changing jobs.

  • Ask yourself what’s missing in the current job.
  • Find out what part of you is being compromised by staying (energy, ethics, purpose, values, other?)
  • Take a step back and consider which parts of your job you have control over and which ones you have influence over. Can a small change you initiate make a difference?
  • Ask how have you evolved past this job? What are you ready for now?
  • If you are faced with a difficult boss, you already know their working style, so how can you surrender to the situation yet still be successful at work?
  • Take your time considering a job change while you are still employed and earning your salary.

Changing jobs isn’t scary when you consider the consequence of staying stuck and unmotivated.

What’s scary about getting what you want?

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