7 Questions When Designing a Life-Changing Leap

Are you swimming against the current in life? You’ll know you are when so much of what you try is difficult, complex and takes so much effort and energy. You experience setbacks, frustration and that terrible feeling that you’re getting no where.

What if there was a way to make things happen where it becomes easy, almost lucky, to have what you want?

Brave Leaps are best supported when there’s alignment between what you think, feel, dream and do. When there’s alignment, you have “no regrets.”

Brave Leaps are best supported when there’s alignment between what you think, feel, dream and do.

We underestimate our readiness sometimes by jumping into action too quickly – allowing that action to backfire or cause more work.

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It could be that we crave living abroad, building a business, starting a family or giving ourselves the adventure of a lifetime.

For me, one Brave Leap was writing a book and telling my personal story on burning out as a consultant. It was certainly a brave leap to put my inner thoughts into writing. Yet using this checklist, it felt oh so right. The reward has been greater than my wildest dreams because it helps share the work I’m so passionate about with others all across the world.

Experiment with this question list for those Brave Leaps you’re considering in your life and career. Prepare by allowing yourself permission to answer them according to your most personal truths.

Brave Leaps Questions

  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want it?
  • How is this change consistent with who I am?
  • What steps am I taking to make this change?
  • What behaviors will support this change?
  • Will I be at peace with the outcome once the change is made?
  • Will I feel “no regrets” once the change is made?

Now you may be doubting one very important factor that will help you make a Brave Leap and that’s “How.” The questions above only cover the “What” and “Why” and relate to intrinsic understanding and not external circumstances or material things.

What you’ll soon find is that opportunity will present itself. Doors will open because you’ll be open to seeing them. People will come into your life in the most amazing and timely ways. You’ll see billboards with messages that are designed for you like the bus ad that spoke to me saying, “Find your Passion, Find your Purpose” or the sidewalk display that said, “Always On” with a picture of a light. You’ll learn about new books or get introduced to people who are exactly the kind of resources that you need.

So you see, the “How” is really secondary to being aligned to “What” you want.

What Brave Leap has your heart been craving?

Email me at jessica@managingmindspaces.com for your career questions or if you would like a PDF copy of this blog post.

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