What is Self-Discovery, and Why It’s 10X Better Than Advice

Now that you know why advice doesn’t always work, here’s your next steps.

Dig deep into your own brainstorming session to discover a solution that works for you. Self-discovery thinking will be the most meaningful path to go from stuck to ultimate peace, freedom and peace because it’s based on your thoughts, beliefs, fears and aspirations. Advice from others, can’t possibly understand that because it lacks the intrinsic learning that you need.

Self-discovery is a practice that helps you ask the tough questions of yourself. When you’re feeling stuck on a particular choice or decision in your life, think of all the unknowns right now. Write out the questions you wish you had the answers for. What would give you peace of mind? What reduces your risk? What would make this change easier?

“Capture your thoughts and learn to be your own sounding board.” – Jessica Manca

Here’s five suggestions for self-discovery thinking:

Clear your mind of distractions

Sit in a creative place or quiet setting. Change your vantage point to help change your perspective.

Mix it up

If writing, grab a different coloured pen, pencil or marker. Work with a new writing utensil to disrupt your patterns of thinking. When you use a marker, you’ll tend to use less words and simply your thoughts.

Be honest with yourself

No need to encrypt the truth! When you’re doing self-discovery thinking, it really is about you and for you!

Trust your instincts

Don’t over-think. Express yourself in the most natural way possible. Listen to signals, words and images that may jump into your mind.

Let go of judgment

There are no right or wrong answers here, only learning. Resist the urge to say the “right” thing or sound impressive.

Use what already works for you when you’re thinking about a challenge. You may love checklists, charts, mindmaps, doodles, pro vs. con lists or other mechanisms that help you weigh your choices and see the big picture of the challenge at hand. Capture your thoughts and learn to be your own sounding board.

Another way to think about this practice is to use childhood abandon or your most creative mindset. If you have a blank piece of paper in front of you, and it continues to be blank during the brainstorm, ask yourself:

“How can I allow myself to think freely and consider new possibilities?”

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Curious to try 20 self-discovery strategies and exercises for your career direction?
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5 thoughts on “What is Self-Discovery, and Why It’s 10X Better Than Advice

  1. Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    When you look deep inside, you will find the answers for yourself. Your passion, your purpose, your mission is all right there waiting for you to discover or rediscover. It doesn’t require you to go anywhere, it doesn’t require you buy anything. What is required is honesty and reflection.

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