10 Hard-to-Ask Questions That Confirm You’re Burning Out In Your Career

A common question I’m asked as a Certified Executive Coach for high performers is “How do I know if I’m burning out in my career?”

When we’re under stress, overworked and downright unhappy in our careers, it’s hard to see the truth objectively. Several times in my career, and for one time in particular that latest over 9 months, I have experienced a perfect storm burnout. It’s the subject of my self-discovery book, Finding Passion.

I’ve researched what people say are holding them back, recounted my own personal stories and client stories too, and compiled the 10 best questions to ask yourself to finally confirm, “Am I burning out?”

10 Hard-To-Ask Questions That Confirm You’re Burning Out

  1. What’s at the root of your overwhelm?
  2. What evidence do you have that you’re “dropping the ball” at work?
  3. How frequently have you spent Sundays dreading the workweek?
  4. What words describe the mindset do you fall into each day?
  5. When’s the last time you felt full of energy at the end of the work day?
  6. What happens when you take a hard look in the mirror?
  7. What excuses are you making to cope with stress?
  8. If your body could talk, what would it say?
  9. What prevents you from making decisions like you used to?
  10. What’s happening to your ability to focus?

If these questions really stirred the truth about your career, continue reading at our Partner site Empress Avenue for signs of burnout and what you can do about it. Continue Reading.

Email me at jessica@managingmindspaces.com if you would like a PDF copy of this blog post.

Want a simple process to help you overcome burnout?
Join others who have experienced burnout with this self-guided DIY resource. If you liked this post, you’ll love the 20 self-discovery strategies and exercises in my book, “Finding Passion: A Self-Discovery Approach for Navigating Career Crossroads” to help you ask the tough questions you’ve been avoiding and rediscover what you really want in your career. Available on Amazon.

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3 thoughts on “10 Hard-to-Ask Questions That Confirm You’re Burning Out In Your Career

  1. Hi Laurel. Thanks for your comments and honesty with yourself today. Imagine what unlocks inside of you when you’re exactly where you want to be? My email is jessica@managingmindspaces if you would prefer to connect directly. Glad you enjoyed these questions based on my book, Finding Passion. To your transformation, Jessica

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