10 Ways to Keep Up Your Holiday Spirit

Here are 10 ways to hold onto your Holiday Spirit this year.

1. Be a good elf to yourself.

Tradition is a big part of the holiday, but it doesn’t work when it stresses you out. Get creative to experiment with new or modified traditions to make the holiday what you love. Adapt your traditions in new ways to make them work for you and reduce everyone’s workload.

2. My Christmas tree is no better than yours.

Watch out for comparing to others this season. Comparing invites judgment and criticism. That’s not very merry! Instead, appreciate differences and how these symbols mean something to someone.

3. Visions of sugar plums require sleep.

Getting extra Zzzs can be a great stress reliever to the extra commitment, errands and personalities you face this time of year. With some planned time off, you might even be able to catch a nap!

4. Santa doesn’t go alone.

Ask for help from others and watch out for a tendency to make the holiday super spectacular. All we really want is love. The rest of the holiday is decoration!

5. When under the mistletoe…

Take a few minutes with this holiday to express to those you love exactly what you love about them. Surprise someone you love with your appreciation.

6. Give yourself the best present of all.

Spend time with yourself in reflection. What are you most proud of this year? What’s next in 2015? Appreciate how much you’ve gained and experienced. Setting short-term milestones for the New Year can be a great way to focus your energy around goals you’re planning.

7. Accept the hustle and bustle.

Watch out for short tempers, stopped traffic and crowds in the stores. When you find yourself in these situations, and you’re frustrated, simply remind yourself “everyone here is doing their best.”

8. Treat yourself to cookies, candies, chocolates and more.

Why not have something sweet? Enjoy the goodies because the people who made them did so with love!

9. Remember it’s the season of giving.

If there’s ever a time to share what you really think and feel, it’s now. No more “I’m busy.” Connect and deepen the relationships around you! If you give a little of your true self, imagine what you’ll get in return.

10. Bring on your Christmas Cheer.

What brings out your holiday spirit? Name three things that make the holidays the best each year. Whatever comes to mind, it makes sense to do that. You have a choice to stay Grinch-like or pause and see the amazing wonder around you!

Have a Very Merry Holiday! See you in 2015!

JESSICA MANCA is a certified coach, author, speaker, and former management consultant. Jessica founded Managing Mindspaces, a professional coaching firm, providing sensible career and personal transformational coaching services to help others live a life with “no regrets.” She is the author of “Finding Passion, A Self-Discovery Approach to Navigating Career Crossroads” and resides in Vancouver, BC with her husband and son.

© Copyright 2014 Managing Mindspaces. All rights reserved.


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