How to Attract the Right Career For You

You have more questions than answers right now, so these 10 tips are all about moving you forward with some ease and clarity.
What do I know about career change? Quite a bit and still learning. I have had 7 job changes and one major career change in my seventeen years of professional experience since university. In my work as a Career Coach, I see many who struggle with the finding a good fit. These tips come from what’s worked to get others over the hump and into some amazing careers.

Feel free to try any or all of these tips. You can also download my free Right Career worksheet to help you.

1. Define your personal values

Now I know this may not be the most obvious place you’d like to start, but trust me for a minute and keep reading. You want the career of your dreams, so knowing what is you value can help you get clarity on what you want.

2. Take small steps

Just because you have big ambitions doesn’t mean that the next stop on your career journey is getting featured on Forbes’ cover for the one to watch out for. The next step is moving in the same direction as your long-term ambitions. What’s the next step?

3. Redefine “right” to “right for me.”

Now that you’re warmed up, let’s revisit something, what is the “right career?” And as you answer this, you’re likely answering from a billion other viewpoints such as from what your friends would say, what your peers suggest, what society expects and so on. How does your answer change when you ask, “What’s the right career for me?”

4. Experiment outside of your comfort zones

As with any growth, the right career for you might require you to stretch. Get comfortable in the uncomfortable a bit if it means reaching your goals.

5. Have a conversation with your heart

By now, you’ve likely already starting googling and applying for jobs everywhere. You’re thinking how you can get the right job, but missing out on a key bit of information. What does your heart (and gut) really want to do? Save some energy and check-in with yourself and your dreams.

6. Continue your learning journey

Just because school is behind you, doesn’t mean the learning stops. Learn about yourself, learn how to grow, evolve and really hone in your many talents.

7. Listen to your intuition

Just the other day I was speaking to someone on this exact topic. She had applied and interviewed at this fabulous place, you know the type of place where the work is good, the salary is good and a clear career path for advancement looks promising. So while at the interview, she recalled that everything just felt wrong. Her body make her feel uneasy and signs appeared all around her that this good-on-paper job opportunity just didn’t feel to be the right fit for her. Has these ever happened to you?

8. Take a daily act of courage

This one applies to not only your career, but the life you really want. What if you did one thing for five minutes that brings your future forward? You could make a phone call, meditate, find a mentor, whatever you already know you need to do to support your career but haven’t done. Get out of your own way, and experiment with this strategy.

9. Pace yourself

Making decisions that impact your life and career require time and care. These decisions also require an eye towards the lifestyle you want to lead. Do you want a well-paying job that leaves you no time to enjoy life? What does your ideal workweek look like?

10. Find your passion

I believe that finding your passion holds the key to so many questions we have in life. When we have passion for what we do, life flows with ease. Work stops being work, and starts to feel like living and getting paid for what we do. When you have your passion, suddenly your career gets put into a new perspective that is integrated into you! No more, work over here, and my personal life over there. You can combine who you are with what you do.

11. Bonus Tip: The purpose of the resume is to get an interview

You are the one that gets the job. The resume is like a paper magnet that needs to capture your essence to attract the best-fitting employer to you. Once attracted, you do all the rest in the interview.

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For more strategies on managing your career, free life-training tools to download and our upcoming webinar next month on Getting Unstuck, visit Managing Mindspaces.

Photo credit: Kathleen Asher Photography

JESSICA MANCA is a certified coach, author, speaker, and former management consultant. Jessica founded Managing Mindspaces, a professional coaching firm, providing sensible career and life coaching services to professionals making life-changing decisions.

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