What I Learned Unplugging While on Vacation

This month, I’ll be conducting a second annual unplug experiment. What would it look like to totally and completely unplug from email, work, social media and your devices? Turns out, the sky doesn’t fall and it only enhances the vacation time you’ve earned. So relax, sit back and unplug! I’ll post my lessons learned later this month. Happy vacation everyone!

unplug. 12 Days Unplugged – My Summer Vacation Experiment Results

Reporting to you after 12 days of leaving email and business behind. Temptation and an old fear conquered.

In a quest for achieving work life balance while on vacation, I challenged myself to unplug from work for 12 days of vacation. I was on holiday visiting family and thought this was the perfect opportunity for mindfulness during the entire visit. Here’s the highlights of the experiment.


The morning of my flight, I was a bit twitchy when I saw or touched my phone. My hands were on auto-pilot fidgeting with the phone and wanting to check messages. Although I didn’t open any email or send any messages, I did notice that little red flashing light indicator. Beckoning me, I knowingly clicked on the mailbox icon and saw a few subject lines.

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