How to Find Your Passion

Three Lessons For Your Personal Journey

I always knew I would publish a book. It was on my bucket list before I had ever heard of bucket lists. I was raised with the idea that those who work hard in life get rewarded. After a lifetime of hard work, I would finally have the space in life to publish a book of my very own – say by the time I’m 70. I’d also have time to do all those other things that I didn’t get to while having a successful corporate career. Little did I know what’s possible…

Finding Passion is a very recent event for me in the last few years. Prior to what I’m about to share, I was very content with the process of going to work, earning my salary, and keeping my Passion (whatever that was) way out there in the future. My new vantage point comes from a place of harmony with who I am, what I want and finally (yes!) what I do. Here’s three insights to finding passion.

1. We learn when we stumble

Fast forward to 2010. This was the year I had burned out. I had burned out to the point that I didn’t recognize myself nor my life any more.

Stumbling is a part of life. And it happens to everyone. There are those that stumble and quickly brush it off, get angry and blame others, etc. But there’s another way to look at stumbling, and I’m telling you my experience set the plan in motion. My stumble was my tipping point that my life and career as a consultant had to change. Had I not stumbled so wonderfully, I wouldn’t have started my own business, discovered my core personal values, and found a career that really I had already been doing only now I was doing it in an authentic and inspiring way. And also, I wouldn’t have achieved a bucket list goal so soon. But more on that in a minute.

2. We must listen to our wisdom (Intuition)

As I was stumbling, my inner critic really wanted me to stay the same, unchanged, and living in fear. Many times I heard that voice say, “This is just how it is. This is just what it’s like at this level in your career and having a family.” So I sought a coach who could be objective and external to the situation to help me find the answers I had been looking for. I declared, “just because I’m good at my job doesn’t mean my job is good for me.” Feeling physically ill, stressed, not sleeping were all warning signs that I had long ignored that something was wrong.

There comes a point when you can’t not make a major change.

3. When we find Passion, life becomes simpler

On November 19th, I published Finding Passion, and it has been the best accomplishment of my professional career. This book is a snapshot of my personal transformation from burnout to rediscovering the parts of me that I had hidden. The book is about running towards the future you want, not about running away from problems. I rekindled the relationship I had with myself – to trust myself, love myself, and accept myself. Being reunited, I supported myself with permission to live the life I want. And in doing so, I recognized that my passion was helping others in the most meaningful way to bring forward their best self. Finding my passion helped me make better decisions in my life, and gave me peace of mind that I’m  aligned to who I am inside.

The best advice for finding passion is that you have to find it for yourself. No one can tell you a shortcut to this work. What I know is that my journey resembled a lot of inward focus in order to move one step forward. Knowing yourself is amazing, and that knowledge changes as we evolve and shift our perspectives in life. I hope you find what it is you’re looking for, and with a little courage to look inside yourself to discover the answer your intuition has known all along.

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JESSICA MANCA is a certified coach, author, entrepreneur and former management consultant. She founded Managing Mindspaces, a professional coaching firm, providing sensible career and life coaching services to professionals making life-changing decisions.

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