How a Mentor Can Change Your Life, Now

One conversation could make the difference for you starting today.

Last month, I became a formal mentor to a young professional with the Women in Leadership Foundation, and it got me thinking. I could have really used a mentor when I was advancing my career, transitioning to management, working in a new country and more. What I know is that having a mentor is a key person in your corner, supporting you and giving you insights that you may not otherwise gain.

A mentor is a person who helps you develop, learn, discuss concerns and challenge you to reach higher. As I fill the shoes of the mentor I wish I had earlier in my career, I believe there’s many benefits to having a strong mentor in your life.

Mentorship Benefits

  1. Mentors provide a safe place to ask any questions.
  2. Mentors have been there before.
  3. Mentors share lessons learned, not just advice.
  4. Mentors sit outside your immediate work or circle of friends.
  5. Mentors are usually 5-10 years more senior than you.
  6. Mentors help you know what to expect for the future.
  7. Mentors can someone you admire from a distance.
  8. Mentors are a great sounding board for what’s weighing on your mind.
  9. Mentors can provide you helpful feedback.
  10. Mentors can expand your network, and make introductions you need.
  11. Mentors act as a personal advisory board across your career.
  12. Mentors develop your professionalism and leadership skills.
  13. Mentors can make life-long connections.
  14. Mentors help you see you’re not alone.
  15. Mentors don’t cost a thing.

My recommendation is to seek out mentors in your life regardless of what level you’re at. Keep learning and reaching towards your potential. To have a mentor, all you need to do is ask. That one question could make the biggest impact on your life now.

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JESSICA MANCA is a certified coach, author, entrepreneur and former management consultant. She founded Managing Mindspaces, a professional coaching firm, providing sensible career and life coaching services to professionals making life-changing decisions.

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