Finding Passion, Finding Yourself

Finding Passion, Finding Yourself
Choose to Spend Your Energy on What’s Most Fulfilling For You

How To Stop Wasting Valuable Energy You Need By Asking Yourself What You Want.

Notice I didn’t say, “stop wasting valuable time.”

Time management is a gimmick. That’s right. We know time is finite. It’s a constant. We count time; we watch time. We even measure our day in time. Energy, on the other hand is the limitless fuel that keeps us living. Energy is expansive and is part of the conditions for happiness and fulfilling experiences (read Positive Psychology’s Flow for more on this concept).

Our personal energy is so precious. It’s a goldmine of creativity and happiness! When our energy is high and we’re using it towards what’s important, we’re on fire. When it’s low, we’re groggy, cranky and not too excited about anything other than resting in order to get more energy.

Notice, we don’t rest to get “more time.” Time isn’t in our control.

If we could turn a person’s life around who experiences low energy or is frequently unmotivated and going through the motions, what would happen? They’d be up at the break of dawn to begin their day. They’d laugh, smile and be incredibly excited. They’d work with purpose and intensity. They would be capable of the most amazing feats.

Maybe just maybe, the secret spice to a fulfilled life isn’t more time in a day. No, no. Maybe it’s finding passion, finding yourself and managing the energy you need?

Here’s how to get started:

Listen to Your Emotions

Observe your emotions, and observe your energy level for three days. Like a warehouse manager, take inventory of where you are, and what you feel inside. What’s giving you energy, and what’s zapping your energy?

If you feel overwhelmed, angry or fearful, this is your gut telling you something. That tension is the difference between what you want and what you have now. Write this out, and build the case of what your current environment, work and ways in which you spend you day are affecting you.

Review What Gives You Energy

With the latest inventory in front of you, now ask yourself the big question, “What Do I Want?”

Here’s some helper questions to get the juices flowing:

  • What parts of you have been lost or forgotten? (the Artist? the Singer?)
  • Where should you be? (Camping? On a boat?)
  • What would make you happy? (Freedom? Working less?)
  • What is a waste of your time? (Useless meetings?)
  • How much energy does worrying about the future take from you?

With the last question, I have a challenge for you. To keep momentum and find yourself and your passion. If you’re at a crossroads, you’re already spending valuable energy wondering, wrestling with what you don’t want in your life.

Choose to Spend Your Energy Differently

Why not take a fraction of that same energy and spend it towards figuring out what you do want?

You just might find yourself again, and best of all, live the fulfilled live you’ve always wanted. Energy is within your control.

JESSICA MANCA is a certified coach, author, entrepreneur and former management consultant. She founded Managing Mindspaces, a professional coaching firm, providing sensible career and life coaching services to professionals making life-changing decisions.

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