12 Days Unplugged – Jessica’s Summer Vacation Experiment

12 Days Unplugged – Jessica’s Summer Vacation Experiment

Warning: This has never been attempted before (by me). Possible side effects: system meltdown may occur or subject may experience extreme serenity and mindfulness.


  • Leave my laptop, email and creative projects behind and unplug for 12 days of vacation. Unplugging means not accessing work email, social media, blog and related work projects (book, research, design and evernote).


  • As I vow to be an authentic coach helping people live the live they want, I also vow to set an example of how I manage work life integration.
  • To be true to my word, I’m excited to share what happens and lessons learned. I’ll write a follow-up post to report back to you what it’s really like.
  • There will be no cheating and no exceptions. 100% unplugged. I have enlisted some helpers who will be monitoring me.


  • This is like being a space explorer. This is uncharted territory. What will I discover?
  • I know this will clear my mind after reaching many milestones this year personally and professionally. Summer is a great time to be easy on yourself and renew.
  • I also hope I’ll be able to enjoy time to reflect and mindfulness while with my family.
  • I imagine my creative juices will be flowing which means I will be capturing ideas and visions in a small notebook or in my journal.


  • While visiting my family in Indiana, there will be lots of TV watching. That’s what my family does. There’s still more TVs than people that live in the house. Can anyone relate? Watching TV is great and I know that it would be more stimulating to check messages. I must resist.
  • Being on my computer is my hobby. It’s going to be hard to find other things to do when we have idle time. I’m planning on reading, doing yoga or just hanging out. I may resort to house or yard work projects if necessary.
  • This experiment is longer than just leaving technology for the weekend. When we go camping, I’m usually ok however I do check email on the drive when I’m supposed to just be checking the time. I check it because it’s there. So what this tells me is that I will need to leave the laptop at home. My data plan won’t work in the US (without high rates) so that will be off as well.


  • It’s feels a little uneasy. A string of “what ifs” are running through my mind. Yet I know that things will be ok, and can wait until I return.
  • Bold, especially because of my history with projects that eat my vacation and the days long gone of consulting where I was expected to work and check-in even when I was away.
  • This is a healthy experiment for me so as to make sure I’m not consumed by work (which I love) and my passion of helping others (which I love).

Want to try this challenge on your next vacation?

When’s the last time you unplugged? Stay tuned.

Email me at jessica@managingmindspaces.com for career questions you have or if you would like a PDF copy of this blog post.

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