Solopreneur Gratitude – 10 Energy-Saving Tools

Jessica, Solopreneur
Jessica, Solopreneur

As Managing Mindspaces celebrates a sunny Vancouver summer, now’s a good time to thank the hard-working services and tools used to make this one-person operation work like a big company, even though we’re not.

As a Solopreneur, I am always looking for efficiencies in operating my business.

Setting up operations so that I have leverage (people power, time, energy)  in tools and services that work around the clock helps me save the energy for the work only I can do. I’m able to keep administration to less than 5% of my 35-hour work week and have no concerns down the road if I add an employee. I’m able to scale as my business grows.

I have peace of mind that I can focus my energy on building my business itself, not just the operations.

In no particular order, I’d like to show my gratitude for:

  • Zoho CRM – Thank you for automating website leads sync’d to a central place, storing all prospects and clients and helping me report on it.
  • Zoho Invoice – Thank you for your speed in creating an invoice in less than five minutes.
  • ScheduleOnce – Thank you for automating client bookings, updating my calendar and reducing back and forth emails.
  • WordPress – Thank you for creating a quality blog, easy to use and maintain.
  • Toggl – Thank you for keeping me accountable with reports and graphs of where my time goes.
  • Evernote – Thank you for being the internal information system with my strategies, priorities, notes and more, all in one place.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird – Thank you for the best feature to tag and then pivot my inbox. You help me see my inbox with reduced clutter and keep me focused.
  • Google Survey – Thanks for helping me measure progress with clients easily.
  • Time zone converter – Thanks for helping me convert UTC and time zones using your maps and location features.
  • Skype – Thanks for saving me long distance charges with your great Unlimited US and Canada service.

So how much does this technology save me in terms of time? Hard to say. I just know that I spend less than $30/month for all ten products and have energy to develop my first book for release later this year!

To me, it’s the energy saved that’s priceless.


What to learn more about how this works?

In this guide, we’ve done the research for you to turn your operations into a scalable system of technology solutions to help you focus on building the business itself, not just the operations.

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2 thoughts on “Solopreneur Gratitude – 10 Energy-Saving Tools

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for your post! These are great resources small business owners need to know about (especially Zoho). We love to share tips and tricks for Solopreneurs on our small business blog and your quick list definitely put a few new tools on our radar. We’ve also recently put together a list of Useful Tools for Solopreneurs in this fun infographic – please feel free to share!




    1. Hi Roth,

      Thanks for your comments! Yes, it’s the best thing to learn of new tools that do exactly what you want for your current needs and changes needs as the business grows.

      Great infographic – especially the kung fu handshake. We’ll be sure to share tools that helps Solopreneurs. Stay connected to this and other DIY tools at!


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