3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Motivation Today

Motivation is internal and within your control. Read these primers to increase your motivation today.

Do you want to wake up every morning and say, “I love what I do. Can’t wait to get started today”?

If you already have this amazing, energized feeling each day, kudos! Sounds like you’re doing what you love and find it feeds your soul. I’m there with you! I love what I do, and the peeling myself out of bed in the morning is now a distant memory (Read Stories of Burnout Series). But for many folks, this is not even close to describing the emotion you feel beginning each work day. I hear ya.

I propose that we figure this out once and for all. As you read this, what’s missing for you at work? Are you stuck? Here’s what you can do about it based on numerous conversations across the years with clients who suddenly aren’t “feeling it.”


#1 Manage your energy not your time. My favorite energy guru – Tony Schwartz of the Energy Project, reminds us that time is finite but energy is unlimited. Managing your energy or mindspace is within your control. You chose to get unmotivated. You chose to get upset. At the end of the day, it’s your emotional tank that can run on empty not because of others, but really because of you!

Coaching Insight – When you feel stressed and unmotivated, this is your body telling you that something is wrong.  For every time we feel these icky feelings and avoidance, we’re in conflict with what we’re doing and what we want. Essentially, this means we’re stuck. Your body knows much more quickly than your mind recognizes when this overwhelming feeling comes over you.

#2 Keep your eye on the long view. It’s sexy to think of yourself as a firefighter or superhero. You swoop in and save the day.  “What would we ever do without you…” others would say. However, it’s like the equivalent of getting a sugar rush – makes you feel great one minute and then your energy crashes the next.  When working towards a goal, it’s very important you balance the needs of today with the vision of tomorrow. With this perspective, you can see priorities emerge, and you can know when you’re working in alignment with that vision or not.

#3 Invite feedback, rewards and sounding boards to help you see progress. As a DIY-er, I enjoy working, planning and coordinating things myself. When I work like that for too long, I can start to second-guess myself and feel behind or overwhelmed. Not good at all!  So using the feedback of others, self-rewards and milestones as markers to your progress can help you see the forward progress you’re making.  It really helps to enlist the sounding board support of others when you feel you’re going it alone.

Do these 3 tips sound easy?  Guess what – they are all within your control. You don’t need any fancy tool or perfect conditions to make these happen.  All you need is a desire to change your outlook on motivation and the intention with your actions. You’re steering the boat in life. The waves may be rough at times, and the best help to give yourself is to focus on what’s within your control – your motivation.


See Mindspaces Motivational Wheel Tool.


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