Are You Searching for Passion?

Passion is fire, energy, desire and excitement! It’s flair, zest and spice! We have passion when it doesn’t matter how long something takes. We have passion when we show up in the pouring rain because we want to be there. We have passion when we even the thought of something makes us light up.

So in the mindset of our careers, what effect does lacking passion have on our productivity and performance? Take a look at these indicators and see what’s holding you back.


  1. You feel empty, bored and unmotivated. When you feel there’s not much value in what you’re doing, and you’re not attached to outcomes, you may lack passion. If prolonged, this can lead to burnout.
  2. You’re going through the motions. In the extreme, you can dedicate a lot of time and effort into your work each week, but still lack passion. You’re consumed by the work itself while not being present and enjoying the moment. You keep charging forward, but don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere.
  3. You procrastinate. You feel guilty, obligated and restrained by commitments and responsibilities in your job. Avoidance is a sign something larger is going on. You might even catch yourself daydreaming more frequently.

Working with passion is a mindset. It’s an attitude, a love, mojo. It’s finding “flow” experiences in everything you do. Passion is learning to see things with fresh eyes, paying attention and being present in the moment. Working with passion brings you renewed energy to face the setbacks you encounter at work and further propel you towards the outcomes you desire.

I learned about a great story the other day about a team of executives in education. The team was bickering, controlling and having difficulty making improvements in operations and various programs being developed. After much frustration, one member blurted out. He caught the others’ attention with this powerful statement, “The children run to get here!” With those words out in the open, everyone relaxed and began cooperating. It was the articulation of their shared passion that held them grounded and focused on what’s really important.


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