How-to Find a Job During Summer – DIY Toolkit

How do you find a job or change careers during these summer months? Is your job search taking awhile? Not seeing a lot of new job opportunities? Of course! It’s summer, and most folks are on holidays.  Summer may be one of the most challenging times to find new work.  So here’s what you can do to maximize your time getting prepared.  I’m excited to share with you 3 DIY tools to help you!

3 Do-it-yourself Tools from Managing Mindspaces
Helping you find and prepare for the right job

Tool #1 – Get your time back

“I really want to change jobs, but I have zero time to look right now.” – If this sounds like you, then you need to examine the areas where you are overcommitted.  3 Steps to Reduce Overcommitment (PDF)

Tool #2 – Remember what makes you tick

“I don’t know what my next job should be…maybe I’ll change careers, but to what?” – It’s not easy to find our passion when we’re feeling unmotivated and uninspired by work. This worksheet helps you recall your highlights and pain points because you already have a good amount of lessons learned in what does or doesn’t work for you. Your career path is unique to you! Discovering Your Passion Worksheet (PDF)

Tool #3 – Telling a compelling and consistent story during interviews

Interviewer: “So, Jessica, summarize your previous experience for me.”

You: “Um…well, I started with…and then I…so now I want to…”

Make sure you have a strong narrative to bridge all your relevant work experience into one seamless story.  Even if you didn’t intend to have such varied experience across your career, you need to present the story as if it was the best possible path to where you are today, and how you’ve developed all the necessary skills required for the new transition. Prepare and test your responses. Personal Brand (Questionnaire)

More Career Advice
Should you need further guidance with your career, contact me with a brief message on ‘what’s keeping you up at night’ –  Send your Question. Good Luck!


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